Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIY Light Tent

How to make an inexpensive Light Tent

If you’re having trouble getting the perfect picture of your handmade items like I was then maybe it’s time you thought about using a light tent. A light tent simply filters light and allows you to capture more beautiful and very detailed pictures of your items. It also eliminates shadows or any of the background images that can distract the eye from your item.

You can purchase a light tent for $50-$70 or you can easily make one for way less than that.

I don’t know about you but I’d much rather save that money and use it to buy more craft products ;)

All you’re going to need is:

·        3 white foam boards ($2.88 each)

·        White duct tape ($4.79)

·        White tissue paper ($1.47)

·        White poster board ($1)

·        Two clamp lights ($6.47 each)

·        2 light bulbs ($7 for a pack of 3)

·        Pencil to mark where you’ll cut

·        Exacto knife or box cutter

·        Ruler

Step 1:
Since your foam board is a rectangular shape, you’re first going to want to cut it into a square. Cut about 10 inches from each foam board and you’ll have yourself a nice looking square.

Step 2:
Once you have your squares you will then need to cut out a window in each of your foam boards. Use your ruler to mark the width of your window.  Make sure not to cut all the way down or across because you’ll just end up with a smaller foam board instead of one with a window cut out.

(This is my very silly husband, Angel)
Step 3:
Using your duct tape you will now cover up each window with the tissue paper. This is how the light is filtered. I found that for this step I needed an extra pair of hands just to help smooth out the tissue paper.

Step 4:
Now you will attach each window to each other using the duct tape again. Be sure to leave a little space between each window. This will allow it to bend and fold.

Step 5:

Finally, you will attach your white poster board to the back of your light tent by taping it to the top portion of the foam board and you’re done!

I told you it was easy. Now for the fun part, taking pictures. Take a before picture of your item first and then take an after picture of your item using the light tent and observe the huge differences.
The results are phenomenal.
Is a few minutes of work worth it? Here's a few Before and After pics :-)

What do YOU think?
Some administrative Notes:
  • Place the clamp lights on either side of the light-box. I placed mine on two scrap pieces of wood.
  • Play around with distances and brightness, however, make sure you do NOT place the light directly unto the side (tissue paper) of the light-box as the paper can light on fire or become discolored from the heat. Of course, if you get LED lights or something that doesn’t produce heat, you’re all set!
  • YES, the before and after products shown above are for sale. Check us out at Http://www.WoodyWoodWorks.Etsy.com

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Happy Crafting!


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